How does one build a machine of geographical size?  There are lots of components and the whole thing seems to be feasible and profitable, over time...  But it's difficult on a shoestring budget, for now.  I'm still out here, doing my best, though.  Thanks for visiting the site, friends.  I do keep an eye on the number of daily page views.  At least some word it getting out.  Cheers.

Andrew B
09/22/2014 05:50

Thanks for developing these ideas. Fertilizer and Energy are very important topics that I study too. I would like to see a page on your website that expands on your ideas for using ammonia as energy. For example, a breakdown of the current state of Hydrogen Electolysis, or the potentials for using ammonia as a liquid fuel, What are the byproducts? Has anyone run an engine on ammonia? I'd like to understand what the current state of technology is and how close we are to producing and using ammonium as fuel.

Daniel Miller
11/20/2014 05:20

Sorry for my late reply. The NH3 Fuel Association has a good amount of the information you're seeking. And thank you for your comment and encouragement. Best!!


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